In this program you will enjoy one of the most beautiful regions of the continent, the Mexican Pacific. Learn to surf on its mythic waves and get involved in our incredible environmental and social projects in the region of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

Project: Social and environmental work

Destination: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Activities: Encouragement of environmental conscience, investigation and monitoring of fauna, sea turtles, childcare.

Duration: 1 to 12 weeks

Minimum age: 18 years old

Costs: 650 USD [Este es el precio por semana?]

In this program you will enjoy one of the most picturesque, wonderful and calm regions in the whole world, the Mexican Pacific.

Learn to surf its mythical waves and get involved in our incredible environmental and social projects in the region of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. You will get to know people from all over the world who are also involved in the project, and you will be able to take surfing classes, relax on the outstanding beaches (just one minute away from your hostel) and get actively involved with the conservation of terrestrian and marine fauna of the coastal regoin in our projects with sea turtles or at the iguana center. If you would rather work with children, there’s an option to get involved in our social development program with local toddlers.

Part of the program costs is destined for a direct donation to the organisation you will work with.

Turtle camp

In the La Punta/Zicatela turtle camp there have been found:

·         23.2500 turtle eggs in the first year.

·         25.517 turtle eggs in the second year.

·         24.953 turtle eggs in the third year.

·         24.909 turtle eggs  in the fourth year.

Around 80 thousands baby turtles have been liberated onto sea.


Iguana center (founded in 2000)

The iguana center has rehabilitated and set free in the local ecosystems the following species:

·         1.256 crocodiles

·         5.800 iguana’s

·         550 parrots

·         50 boa’s

·         45 sea turtles (seven years ago the liberation of this species stopped)

·         250 various animals like deer and monkeys.



 The volunteer service will be coordinated by the Nomad Republic team and the Hidden Port Experience team, a linked organization that counts with more than 15 years of experience contributing to the personal growth of Mexican and foreign participants. It helps the development of the most conscious human beings in a community and ecological sense, generating a positive and direct impact on society and the environment. The goal of the organization consists of providing authentic, unique and deep experiences that generate individual conscience in the participants and at the same time contribute to the community in solving environmental and social problems.

The voluntary service activities are divided into three different projects:

SOCIAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE IN HIDDEN PORT with kids. We channel the volunteer in different nurseries, preschools and elementary schools as auxiliaries for teachers. The idea is for them to focus on the individualized attention of the kids who present difficulties inside the class room, to help them with their homework and that way finding short term benefits. At the same time they create and carry out the week’s reading goal, games and fun workshops, that eventually, if they’re approved by the teachers and the person in charge of the area, will be presented to the kids with the idea of contributing to the awareness of the ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM WITH TURTLES AND IGUANA’S.

We channel the volunteers to the Iguanarium of la Barra, where they will see several animals like iguana’s, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, geese and birds. It is a small zoo where volunteers support the place’s tasks like cleaning the cages, making food for the iguanas and turtles, sow, water and disinfect or paint. They can see iguanas being born whether in Spring or Summer. For one night it is planned to visit a turtle camp doing tours looking for spawning turtles or the eggs to later put them in a pen to protect them. They can also help making the pens or putting incubation dates on them. The camp is directly installed at the beach and they sleep in a tent. During the week, the environmental goal will be prepared through Internet researches, talks, and interviews with the Iguanarium and the turtle camp; to finish with a presentation in front of a group of kids and adults.

MIXED VOLUNTEER PROGRAM (combines both projects). We channel the volunteers to the Iguanarium of la Barra, where they will see several animals like: iguanas, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, geese and birds. At the Iguanarium the same tasks are done like the environmental project and a turtle camp is visited for a night. The difference between this and the environmental project is one day of working at a nursery, preschool, or elementary school to approach a group of kids and get to know the work with kids. The idea is to support the group’s teacher and also interview the kids to give them a presentation about an environmental theme on Friday. The presentation will only be done after it is approved by the person in charge of the area. The ongoing programs are focused on the following goals: To create conscience in kids and also parent about the problems of this subject to manage a deep change in society and create awareness in people about the environmental problems to manage a deep change in the community. Previous to the activities there is a comprehensive training about the program’s topic, its goals and the week’s activities and a short general orientation.



·         Zicatela beach ($50 MXN transport costs from Centro Cultural Ex periencia A.C. residence)

·         Diving ($800 MXN per person)

·         Chacahua lakes (about $100 MXN transport costs / 1h15min – 62 kms)

·         Mazunte (about $600 MXN transport costs / 1h15min – 67 kms)

·         Zipolite (about $600 MXN transport costs / 1h20min – 73 kms)

* These are approximate prices and subject to change without notice.



You must be in good physical condition, have a valid passport and be insured. All foreigners need a valid visa if required. Your level of Spanish should be basic. There are no vaccines needed for a trip to Puerto Escondido. You will have an interview before departure with MexiKans staff so we can get to know you and answer any questions you might have.


Hostel: Surf Camp. Amenities: WIFI, shared kitchen, breakfast, ventilator or A/C, towels. Address: Nuevo León con esq. Héroes Oaxaqueños s/n Colonia Brisas de Zicatela 71980 Puerto Escondido.

 Hostel: Escuela Experiencia. Amenities: WIFI, shared kitchen, breakfast, ventilator or A/C, towels. Address: Andador Revolución 21 Sector Libertad, el Adoquin 71980 Puerto Escondido.

Hostel: 55 Conti. Amenities: WIFI, shared kitchen, breakfast, ventilator or A/C, towels. Address: Calle 2a Oriente and 1a. Sur Centro 71980 Puerto Escondido.

All lodging takes place in hostals, which are accommodations that have a “community spirit” and where everything is centered around people meeting each other in its common spaces. All rooms and bathrooms are shared with other program members and guests.



·         Support from a coordinator during the whole program.

·         All long transfers by transport of the organization.

·         Pick-up and drop-off at the international airport of Puerto Escondido.

·         6 nights lodging in a shared room in a hostel in Puerto Escondido.

·         5 days of Nomad Republic volunteering.

·         Food during the volunteer program.

·         Breakfast.

·         A donation in support of the community.

·         1 surfing class imparted by a professional teacher + equipment.

·         Guidance and briefings in each place we visit.

·         Information before departure.

·         Taxes.



·         Personal expenses.

·         Services not specified.

·         Travel insurance.

·         Visa (needed).

·         Foods not specified.

·         Transfers not specified.

·         Flights.

·         Optional activities